In the book The Journey Brandon Bays describes how she found a way to heal herself within 6½ weeks from a tumour the size of a basketball. Brandon discovered a way to access cell memory ánd how to face unsolved emotions in such a way that they can be released.



The Journey: access to our cell memory

Our cells renew continuously. The tempo of that process is related to the specific cell; a cell in the eye for example is renewed every 2nd day where the cells of the stomach lining are taking three days to renew. Skin cells need less than 4 weeks and liver cells 6.

Deepak Chopra, who studied people healing 'spontaneously' for years, stated that, based upon cell renewal, a tumour in the liver should be disappeared after six weeks. This is not the case: obviously the new cell copies information from the old cell. Everyone who participated in his study that healed spontaneously had two things in common: they had a deep experience of who and what they really are (they called this a God-experience, infinite Intelligence, Silence, Light, Source) ánd somehow they spontaneously had access to their cell memory.

Candace Pert describes in her book 'Molecules of Emotion' her Nobel price nominated investigation that explains how emotions affect our body on on the level of the cell. If traumatic events and negative emotions are left undealt with, they are physically stored as 'cell memory' (biochemical substances in the cell receptors) and therefore prevent that these cells participate in the constant chemical communication that takes place in the body. The 'memories' do not only block these cells, but can lead to emotional and physical diseases years after the original event took place.

In the book 'The Journey' Brandon Bays, someone with a lot of experience and knowledge of 'body-mind' healing (she worked for years with people like Deepak Chopra, Anthony Robbins and Wayne Dyer), describes how she found a way to access cell memory directly ánd a way to face unsolved emotions in such a way that they can let go of. The old chemical substances can be released and the cells can renew without this old information.

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Molecules of Emotion, Candace B Pert, Ph D, ISBN 0-671-03397-2



People over the whole world obtain more and more remarkable results. At this moment children and adults free themselves of all kind of physical and emotional blockages. It invites people to live more in freedom, freed from diseases en limiting behaviour. The only thing needed is the willingness to face the blockage.
Are you interested in the experiences of people who have done a Journey process in the Practice for Journey therapy, then look at Experiences. At the FAQ you will find more information about the utilization and effects of Journey processes.
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A very pleasant side-effect of this ‘inner travelling’ is that people experience who the really are and how good that actually feels. During our lives we mask more and more our true self. Furthermore we live different roles (breadwinner, parent, spouse, child). Often we show the mask which we know society accept the best. During a Journey process one experiences how extensive, how light and free and full potential our being truly is. There is absolutely no reason to show the world a mask!

A less pleasurable side-effect can be the detoxing that can take place after a Journey process. The old cells are being released and sometimes this creates physical symptoms. It is good to realise that this is temporarily and also a good sign.


What is a Journey practitioner?

From 1999 Brandon Bays developed a training to pass on her knowledge. It is her deepest prayer to offer millions of people all over the world the possibility to heal themselves and to live in freedom. A worldwide expanding team of Journey practitioners trained and coached by Brandon Bays are fully prepared to accompany people wanting to heal - from anything - on their own inner journey.

Journey practitioners underwent an intensive training programme for over a year. An important aspect is doing minimal 37 case studies. These cases studies are evaluated and thoroughly assessed. This assessment takes place every year in order to keep the accreditation. Journey practitioners also have to follow additional training on a regular basis to develop and deepen themselves and to stay tuned with new developments that take place around The Journey worldwide.